WL//WH Video Of The Day: EQUINOX + ZOLTAN FREITAG Feat. ANOMYS “Through the Glass”


The transcontinental Synth-laden collaboration between electronic musicians Equinox from Vancouver, British Columbia and Zoltan Freitag from Turin, Italy featuring Anomys on vocals, the dazzling fantasy Wave soundscape “Through the Glass”, dating back to November 2022, finds its entrancing video realization, shot, produced and starred in by Anomys herself, AKA the Italian photographer Simona Minutolo, at her early visual art ventures, bending time and space into a modern interpretation of Alice and Wonderland, to give a charming facet to the story.

A heartfelt search for meaning triggers a magical nostalgic mercurial universe of chugging and throbbing bass lines, retro-charged stacked marching beats, and an array of evocative vibrant bright synth melodies rippling and swirling with increasing emotive arpeggiated clarity atop bewitching vocal confessions of hopeful longings and insightful visions.

Visually, a beautiful, lush, and colorful forest scenery sets the backdrop for a curious soul whose exploration into enhanced perception opens a doorway to an alternate dimension. A variety of fascinating-looking glasses, a groovy mad hatter costume, and suggestive acting illuminate a parallel mirror world where subtle shifts in lights and shadows create a twin identity. The whimsical and engaging topic allows for self-discovery, whilst diving into an even greater metaphysical mystery about the unseen ethereal realm, both synthetic and organic, that surrounds us all.

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