WL//WH Video Of The Day: ENZO KREFT “There Is No Tomorrow”

Video Of The Day  Enzo Kreft

“There is no tomorrow

Let’s dance the night away

There’s no time for sorrow

We gotta do it now, it might be the last day”

Veteran Belgian Dark Electro Wave visual artist and musician Eric Vandamme, under his stirring alter ego Enzo Kreft, releases the thought-provoking second single, “There Is No Tomorrow”, off his anticipated 8th album “Shelter.”

“There Is No Tomorrow” is infused with bittersweet lyrics that send a powerful message of escape and freedom to all those suffering under the leaden hand of mental thralldom.

Ominous brooding omens are driven by obsessive meandering bass undulations along steady lashing snares into a dim-lit tunnel of icy rolling tinkling synth melodies and bright dramatic sweeps, to stir stoic, hopeless vocal anxiety with incoming waves of disconnected frequencies, whilst heavy oppressive baritone drops sink dully into an intoxicating dance of melancholic moods.

The immersive video sets hypnotic live performance footage against a thought-provoking backdrop to sync seamlessly with the soundtrack’s mercurial state of mind. Depth-defying graphic overlays, nefarious global impersonators, and retro 80s fashions manifest lyrical theme into an achievable vision quest whilst Enzo’s signature “uniform” of black beret and shades commands the viewer into the dark electronic fantasy, opening parallel timelines of all-night dance-inducing bliss.

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