WL//WH Video Of The Day: ENZO KREFT “Ostrich Politics”

Video Of The Day  Enzo Kreft

Mechelen-based, Belgian Dark Electro-Wave veteran Eric Vandamme AKA Enzo Kreft drops another politically poignant DIY video for the sign of the times fourth single, “Ostrich Politics”, from his last January’s, coronavirus inspired, 12-track album “Different World.”

 ostrich politics (uncountable)

(derogatory) A style of politics that evades rather than addresses problems; ostrichism.

Stormy cinematics brew ominous moods through treacherous, prowling bass wave oscillations, distant airy, glowing synth swathes, glistening reverberations, and rolling electronic strands of icy dim 32GB beats to ebb and flow in dark systemic strategies around the signature baritone robotism of Enzo Kreft’s vocalizations, layering anxious echoes with angry dystopic witticisms to wade wearily into the slow, perilous rise of tidal apocalyptic doom.

“Ostrich Politics” is a powerful statement piece regarding the disingenuous state of top elected officials in the collaborative government of the New World Order.

High voltage lightning bolts split red and hazy horizons into an eerie martian backdrop behind the metaphorical struggle of suits stuck with their heads buried in the sand. Glitched G7 Summit footage creates a mock puppet dance with infamous world leaders, while transition scenes capture the massive destruction from wildfires, floods, and earthquakes, to draw a disturbing view of the growing separation between the elite 1% and global citizens in a post-societal technocracy left crumbling under the guise of heart-string ideologies.

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Photo by Ivo Moeys