WL//WH Video Of the Day: ENZO KREFT “It’s Going On And On”

Video Of The Day Enzo Kreft

Mechelen-based, Belgian DIY dark electro-wave pioneer, visual artist and musician seit 1983, Enzo Kreft, alias of Eric Vandamme, has released the Official Music Video for his brand new single, “It’s Going On and On,” drawing our attention to the overlooked environmental crisis that is rapidly spinning out of control.

Fade drone flutters along with rhythmic steady snare beats, icy foreboding synth zips, and mechanical chugging bass grind treachery, as signature sad robotic vocals, echoed by horrific muffled screams, fall into the hypnotic repetition of a desensitized existence left dancing to the magnetic beat.

Monochromatic vocals unveil global atrocities such as, “mass consumption,” “deforestation,” and “extinction” against a disturbing graphic backdrop of said natural disasters, as Enzo, dressed to fight, recites the unrelenting refrain, “It’s Going On and On” into the numb stratosphere of devolving decay, to instil an uncomfortable repulsion begging the unsaid question, “What the Heck? Wake UP!”.

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