WL//WH Video Of The Day: ENZO KREFT “In My Head” (Official Video)

Video of the Day  Enzo Kreft

Mechelen-based, pioneer Belgian DIY synthesist seit 1983, Enzo Kreft, alias of Eric Vandamme, has recently released the Official Music Video for the futuristic dystopian sci-fi cut “In My Head”, taken from his latest sixth full-length album “Control”, released last June via Wool-E Discs

A brilliant dark, atmospheric and minimal, synth-wave infused conceptual body of work, mostly dealing with how we approach and interact with technology, and how technology influences our social norms and everyday lives.

Ominous and sinister synth melodies infused with echoing skeletal snares and severely treacherous meandering and bassline set a creeping beat of anticipation for an obsessively repetitive mind dwelling emergence form cyber organism to freedom-loving human.

An awakening marks the end of mental captivity as a movement into the native realm of independent thought is celebrated. Lyrics refer to a time in the not so distant dystopian future where humans have merged with machines in a quest for supremacy, but an error in programming gives one cyborg a moment of free thought allowing the floodgates for a spectacular reversal of evolution to open.  Listen carefully to “In my head” and you will “hear the freedom song” because “today is the day” we are able to think, “for ourselves” as we find humankind at “the end of slavery!”

A black and white science fiction video with x-ray illustrations reveals a small dense crescent on the frontal lobe altering the neurotransmitters as they fire across the synapse creating an electric anomaly in the brain. A human hybrid recorded at the time of enlightenment exhibits tranquillity and joy as the “thought police” and their reign of logic end allowing the creative flow to flourish back into freedom. A backdrop of 3D renderings of brain activity, experimental electrical currents, and computer hardware modules merge with inspirational lyrics, “We were born to think independently” to complete the visual transition into autonomy in a thought-provoking piece of human appreciation.

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