WL//WH Video Of The Day: EMPTY STORY “J​ö​v​ő​nk csak ábr​á​nd / Our Future Is Just A Dream”

Video Of The Day Empty Story

Hungarian Post Punk / Darkwave duo based out of Békéscsaba, Empty Story, made up of Zsolt Kovács Moha (guitar, vocal) and Mihály Kocsis (bass), return with the Official Music Video, by Mihály Kocsis and György Szentesi (Best Duo Fotószaküzlet), for the new single “J​ö​v​ő​nk csak ábr​á​nd / Our Future Is Just A Dream.”

The synth-laden Post-punk number, “J​ö​v​ő​nk csak ábr​á​nd”, bursts off with warped unsettling moods built by obsessive, dire screeching guitar melodies, ominous hazy glaring synth glows, swelling droning basslines, and frantic skipping drum beats to ebb and flow in angsty all-consuming and chaotic frequencies around distorted layered throaty vocals, shedding light on the fake masks people wear, whilst running after unattainable, ego-driven dreams. 

Thought-provoking and imaginative visuals by Mihály Kocsis and György Szentesi (Best Duo Fotószaküzlet) construct a computer-generated dystopia around Empty Story to illuminate the relentless influx of destructive elements plaguing our global society today. Technological slavery, pharmaceutical disconnection, and foolish, desire-driven choices are heavily influenced by the subliminal realm of consciousness where the principles of pleasure and pain have been manipulated by the upper echelon to push forward a deadly agenda wrought with self-annihilation, oppression, and pain.

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