WL//WH Video of the Day: ELZ AND THE CULT “Faith In Me”


Founded in 2013, ELZ and the Cult is a Turkish goth-electro 3-piece based in Istanbul, comprised of Elz (Vocal/Front,), Efe Akıncıoğlu (Bass) and Burak Kamacı (Synth). After the promising debut 2016‘s single “I Did This To Myself”, the trio have consistently improved and refined their poignant and strikingly distinctive synth-laden dark wave sound.

Last year they released the debut 10-track album “Polycephaly” and recently collaborated with fellow Turkish darkwave chanteuse Bewitched As Dark, in the 3-track EP “WONDERDEAD”.

“Faith in Me” is the title of the brand new single with accompanying visuals.

Throbbing reverberated bassline coalesce with foreboding eerie devilish synths laying the dark foundation for haunted, quivering, sensual, yearning vocals. Unexpectedly high pierces of synth underlie ghastly inhuman moans. The bass and synth become erratic as an ominous distorted dave Gahan-esque chant erupts into a more fluid symbiotic co-mingling of instruments. Only to be disrupted by an echoing, stuttering, chaotic mixture of sounds that switch back to their original form creating an atmosphere of confusion, despair, and helplessness.

A predetermined fate of an evil confession leads to a life of misery, suffering, and misunderstanding. Suspicion and doubts lodge a wedge of distrust between a couple causing one to spiral out of control. Believing himself cursed, he accepts his destiny and gives the devil his due. Left drowning in a sea of despair, darkness and complete loss of faith.

The intriguing and shockingly insane video, directed by ELZ & BasicDisarm, is permeated by a red haze that lies over imagery and shadows creating a murky malevolent aura. Fluttering between Elz and a mannequin, a nonhuman transformation begins as he strangles the mannequin. Violently shaking heads, red eyes, and angry screaming faces surround the transmutation until it has come to fruition.

Agonizing, scary, the price of selling your soul!

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