WL//WH Video Of The Day: ELVIS DE SADE “World For Us”

Video Of The Day ELVIS DE SADE

Started in 2017, Bavarian Dark Wave band based in München, Elvis de Sade, comprised of founder members Leo Schild (Vocals) and Andreas Rentz (Guitar/Keyboard/Programming/Sampling) along with Cosima Weiske (Synthesizer), and Felix Hölter (Bass), have finally released their long-awaited first full-length album “World For Us” via Young and Cold Records, almost in sync with the evocative music video, produced by Cosima Weiske & Felix Hölter, for the title track.

The title ‘World for Us’ describes a world that we need to reconquer. Everyone notices that the overall mood is bad. Social injustice, climate change, the rightward shift… It’s not surprising that depressive music, escapism and an aestheticization of horror dominate. Unlike other dark wave bands, we don’t want to just sink in melancholy and disenchantment. We’re going one step forward and want to create a world for ourselves, where we feel comfortable, where we want to live.

 The restless and moody “World For Us” winds in a nervously throbbing bleak bassline and steady lashing beats that underpin ceremonial swirling airy synth glows and poignant crystalline guitar melodies to instil sparkling slivers of ​pain and hope around rich vocal textures, blending stoic, fearful, and emotional angst with eerie female hums, distant, guilt-inducing conversations, and timorous back-up haloes, to fall desperately into a purgatory of broken dreams.

The lyrics explore modern dystopia through a lens of excess and degeneration using a future confession where a crippling shame takes hold from the hands of a wasteful, thoughtless, self-indulgent period of ignorant bliss.

An escapist nap in the woods projects subconscious symbols of fear and doubt onto reflective waters, ominous shadows, and glistening rays of sunlight, to merge alternate dimensions into a haunting revelation of pain. Translucent overlays spawn spectral paths of foreboding and gloom through a hollowed wood setting to evoke sentiments of isolation, forgotten secrets, and invisible dangers from a dramatic emotional performance swept in denial, regret, and disdain.

Elvis de Sade debut LP, “World For Us”, is out now on digital through Young and Cold Records. The Vinyl 12″ edition will follow around January 2022.

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Photo by @Thielebild