WL//WH Video Of The Day: ELIZABETH THE SECOND “No One Cares”

Video Of The Day Elizabeth The Second

Upon the North of Italia and between Venice and Verona lies another beautiful city, Padova (Padua), where our today’s guests are lurking, grooving, breaking it all down, and generally living their lives. We introduce you to the magnificent Elizabeth The Second who plays very loud alternative rock music with the attitude of an old veteran band.

Their forthcoming debut album though, ‘Two Margaritas at the Fifty Five’ is slated for release November 9 this year and many hearts shall break and many shoes shall ruin while dancing to it, yeah! No noise rock wall of sound in it, no busy shoegaze treatment at all, no tears, and no dark. Just pure groove with 1 guitar (by Ben Moro who also sings), 1 bass (by Michele Venturini) and 1 set of drums (Luca Gallato) are enough for them, and it works just fine!

‘No One Cares’ is the first single and it was released on October 15 with an official video too (Filmed and edited by KANASHIBARI VIDEO Mirko Zambon Enrico Prevedello) that except some footage from the beautiful city you’ll also see (and hear) a pretty nice and serious alternative rock band. In my ears, it all comes from the likes of Arctic Monkeys, The Libertines, and The Strokes. But, they also bleed it all through their admiration toward The Clash and a few other English swagger titans. I mean, punk music through that whole (let’s call it indie) sonic…treatment!

This is what I was meaning before when I said they have the attitude of an old veteran band. Great ideas, groovy arrangements, solid and groovy sound, and the needed sleaze all over to make it all more loveable and addictive. Before I go, I must give you the link to the album with a special note; when it goes public pay attention to ‘Mickey’ and ‘Yesterday I Was 20’ too! Here it is, ciao ciao!

P.S. I almost forgot it; don’t miss their showcase gig with 5 other bands on the release date of the album! Go to this link! London gig at The Unicorn Camden Live Punk’n’Roll Rendez-Vous #70, it is free, have fun!

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Elizabeth The- Second, photo by Massimo Malvestio

Written by Loud Cities Mike