WL//WH Video Of The Day : Élan Vital “Dreams”

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From the extraordinary breeding ground of incredibly talented bands and artists that is Dunedin, New Zealand, come Élan Vital, a trio comprised of Renee Barrance (keys, vocals), Death And The Maiden’s Danny Brady (synths, drum machine, effects, vocals) and Nikolai Sim (bass).

With a rich use of vintage keyboards and synthetizers woved into a robust rhythmic carpet of drum-machines and bass and humanized by Renee’s vocals, they create an experimental genre defying, retro/futuristic sound, a brilliant blend of cold wave, electro synth-pop, industrial and even disco with the lysergic organ-sounding psych-garage of the 60’s.

Even if not real Dunedin-born, however part of the collective art community None Gallery, the trio embody the local infamous dark spleen, simultaneously by moving away from the jangle and psychedelic guitars of their glorious predecessors, with their inventive and blurring danceable version of cold synth-pop, brillianty exemplified by one of most addictive and effective song from their debut “Shadow Self” as “Dreams”, an uplifting and hypnotic swirl of Martin Rev-influenced soaring psych synths, humanised, this time, by Danny’s voice, equal parts inspiring, transporting and body moving.

With such a wide range of influences and their refusal to conform to any label or tag, Élan Vital’s personal take on modern electronic music will definitely have exciting time ahead. 

Check out the low-budget psychedelic video by their None Gallery’s buddy Erica Sklenars (aka Lady Lazer Light).

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