WL//WH Video Of The Day: EL OJO Y LA NAVAJA “Agorafobia”

Video Of The Day  EL OJO Y LA NAVAJA

Mexican minimal analog synthesist and former vocalist of the shoegaze band Psychic Hearts, Erick Arevalo, under his Luis Buñuel-inspired moniker, El Ojo y La Navaja, has dropped a symbolic music video for the modern dystopic track “Agorafobia”, recently premiered on Yami Spechie‘s YouTube Channel, taken from his new 9-track debut album, “Extimidad,” inspired by mental illness and despair brought on by obsession.

Icy bright asymmetric synth strains drive terror and dread around mechanical marching beats and rapid bass pulses, while breathless disturbed Spanish vocals unleash nervous racing thoughts and palpable anxieties into a relentless barrage of sinister stabs and electric strikes, to display an irrational avoidance of human contact, the outdoors, and life itself at the hands of an invisible force drenched in mental persuasion.

Surreal video layers liquid lysergia, dramatic negative light performance, and a blinking array of electronic lights capture a murky moment of time in sync with the inner disorientation of a spell of “Agorafobia.” Universal symbols extract subconscious fear and desire from the mind’s eye of imagination, while body language and hand gestures alternate between a purple haze and a ghostly realm to draw from an unseen bondage of heady disconnection.

El Ojo y la Navaja‘s first LP, “Extimidad,” is available on Digital via the artist Bandcamp.

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