WL//WH Video Of The Day: EL CLUB AUDIOVISUAL “En Viaje / The Journey”

Video Of The Day El Club Audiovisual

El Club Audiovisual began at the end of 2015 when schoolmates Tomás Pelaez (guitar, vocals) and Delfina Gel (bass, vocals) formed a band to survive the summer after high school graduation. Over the years, they have gradually incorporated several influences and some new members, at first Juan Viaggio (drums, percussion), then Matías Vertula (guitar) and Franco Moreno (keyboards, synthesizers), to reach the fit balance of a quintet with an immersive sound that is both introspective and noisy, reminiscent of the 90s, and falls somewhere in between abrasive guitar pop and dreamy shoegaze.

After two EPs between 2017 and 2018, the band is finally approaching their long-awaited debut album, titled “Ya no somos tan solo”, through their new single and accompanied video, the third in a row, via Mar Del Plata‘ label Casa del Puente Discos, undoubtedly their most melodiously crystalline and enticing tune so far.

Magic nostalgic melodies mesh glistening guitar swirls with flickering chords and enveloping hazy reverb in constant interaction with soft glowing keyboard notes and pulsating off-tempo rhythms, while hypnotic, dreamily expressive female vocals fall helplessly into a moment of clarity, to bring forth a sense of constant search and movement.

Introspective lyrics describe the awe and mystery behind the creative process, using beautiful metaphors and symbolism regarding the divination of inspiration within a spiritual journey.

Foggy x-ray video, realized and edited by Juan Costa Journey (@hitjuanhat), captures a dark room daydream tinted in a dramatic red light filter alternating scenes between a psychedelic live performance enhanced with negative light illustrations, candid, intimate moments, and a slew of photographic memories brought to life in a fun setting of love, friendship, and music transitioned with colorful geometric shape overlays lit in a flashing strobe light effect to bring an edgy retro vibe fashion shoot into the mix.

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