WL//WH Video Of The Day: EGOMAŠINA “Jūros Banga”

Video Of The Day EGOMAŠINA

A little more than a year from the debut album “Id”, Lithuanian biker trio based in Vilnius, EGOMAŠINA, made up of Karolis Lamsargis (guitar/vocals), Tomas Riauka (bass guitar, vocals) and Antanas Jakutis (synths, drums, field recording, beats, harmonica, vocals), are about to release their sophomore full-length LP “Trąstai”, ltd. Vinyl 12″/Digital, due out on July 1, 2020, preceded by the third and last, surf-inspired, single “Jūros Banga” and the related music video shot on the Baltic Sea by Antanas Jakutis and Tomas Riauka.

The band play a raw and energetic garage rock sound with a strong punk attitude, transfixed by cold razor stabs of synth and haunted by post-punk dark menace.

Abrasive guitar riffs scrape and radiate lethargic distortion, as passionate prickling six-string surf melodies and snarling sonorous bassline throbs build a hypnotic racing reverb-drenched rush, peppered in hard punchy beats and cool aloof male vocals exhale into low smooth mellow vibes along the sun-baked shore.

Esoteric lyrics describe the magnetic pull of the ocean, as an uncontrollable desire, escape, and comforting strength that will, “Carry you in the wind.”

The song was inspired by the Lithuanian surf, which doesn’t actually look like California, but it can be just as easy to fall into the splash trap. We wish everyone could try it!

Neon sunburnt skies hover over a vast sea of waves, foam, and translucent prismatic crests bathed in negative light photography churning icy cold tides into woolen clouds of endless form, while a rambunctious gang of surfers rides in freedom. Jagged rocks border the paradise cove cast in blinding rays and enigmatic shadows to shapeshift overlays into ancient ruins and oppressive symbolism, as a red glow forms atop the mesmerizing ripples, time-lapsed backward into the foreboding horizon.

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