WL//WH Video Of The Day: ED CLAYTON-JONES “New Skin”

Video Of The Day    ED CLAYTON-JONES

Sydney veteran Rocker Ed Clayton-Jones, former Wreckery guitarist with Hugo Race and one-time member of Bad Seeds, follows last May release of his latest album, “Jackdaw”, distributed by Laneway Music Australia, with a gripping video, created by Steve Spectre of 8th House Ghosts, for the second single “New Skin”.

Conversational lyrics follow a mental journey through regret, frustration, and the discovery of false freedom in a modern dystopic search for a “New Skin.”

Subtly weeping and wandering guitar melodies weave wistful wisdom through the soulful menace of a slow prowling bassline, the highs and lows of numb piano keys, and unsteady, scattered drum beats to forge an eerie, tense cinematic build up behind the gritty, anguished male vocals torn-up cries of misery, layering lost echoes, obsessive broods, and warped distortions into life-altering harmonies of evocative pain.

Psychological Rorschach-esque mirror dissections extract blurry reflections from the subconscious depths of fear. Sinister negative light inversions cast soulless spells over the meandering masses, using heat-seeking auras to capture the inner workings of the mind’s eye. X-ray vision splices hybrid life forms into bipolar imagery, spinning unattainable suggestions into an intoxicating flow of hypnosis while disjointed time-lapse symbols collapse perception into a hive mind madness.

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Image by ALEXA CJ