WL//WH Video Of The Day: ED CLAYTON-JONES “Jackdaw”

Video Of The Day    ED CLAYTON-JONES

Sydney-based former Wreckery guitarist and one-time member of Bad Seeds, Ed Clayton-Jones, has released his new album “Jackdaw” on May 15, accompanied by a subliminal video for the immersive title track “Jackdaw.”

Co-produced and mastered in Melbourne by Donald Baldie (part of Ed’s Good Men Down, Turkeyneck Lasso, and Simon & Bronwyn Bonney /Sam Sejavka collaborator), the LP covers a broad base of influence from the obvious connections to Nick Cave, Mick Harvey and Hugo Race right through to Electronica and Rap, capturing a transition away from the guitar-based songs of previous works into a broader palette of keyboards and sampling.

The Jackdaw referenced is a person who steals things, a golden ring, a silver chain to make their partner happy. In this instance, it wasn’t very successful. Essentially it’s a glimpse into a crumbling relationship and all the horrible feelings that come out of that. It’s confusing and non-linear. It also references EA Poe’s the Raven, same genus different bird.

Droning, waning reverb stained moods layer distant, echoing repetitions into weary, compulsive synth melodies, while piercing, squealing string frequencies, light crispy tapping beats, and low ominous bass tones fine-tune warped and treacherous anguish around distorted feeble, trembling male vocals agonized release of subconscious intentions.

Surreal lyrics travel through an ambient stream of consciousness where thoughts fall as an enigmatic code being broadcast into an alternate dimension in hopes of preventing apocalyptic ruin.

Abstract black and white textures, by Steve Spectre of 8th House Ghosts, melt liquid fragments of alchemical energy through a spinning vortex of hypnotic Sci-Fi dimensions, to stir surreal imagery with universal symbols of subconscious desire. Soulless eyes, hollow skulls, and frenzied feather dancers conjure a slow, hopeless pace of nihilistic dread into a disassociated, urgent flow of haunted memories to extract ill thoughts from the frightful auras of mind’s eye of imagination.

Released on May 15, Ed Clayton-Jones “Jackdaw” is available through iTunes, Spotify and all good streaming services, distributed by Laneway Music Australia.

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