WL//WH Video of the Day: ECHOBERYL “Silent Monster (The Other Side of the Mirror)”

Video Of The Day  ECHOBERYL

Paris-based Dark Electronic duo Adriano Iacoangeli and Cecilia Dassonneville AKA ECHOBERYL return with another dark psychological exploration into the shadowy side of the human soul with a symbolic video for the immersive song “Silent Monster (The Other Side of the Mirror).”

“Even the lyrics wrote themselves, in a few minutes. A magic mirror, a girl in crisis, a threatening forest, a silent monster on the other side of the mirror.”

Cold, airy ominous winds spark ceremonial gleaming key stabs, harsh, angsty synth blows, sinister staggering bass line undulations, steady racing snares, and jagged, clapping dimensions into tumultuous waves of lost dancefloor doom whilst beautifully haunted female vocals release helpless, breathless obsessions into relentless swirling sheets of hallowed pain.

Shadow self lyrics enter the lair of theSilent Monster (The Other Side of the Mirror) in an attempt to heal old wounds by embracing the cunning darkness where truths hide in trauma and ugliness roams free.

A ghostly fairy tale video, inspired by Jean Cocteau’s 1946 movie “La Belle et la Bête”, casts a surreal monochromatic filter over a vintage-tinged enchanted forest scene where a troubled beauty uses a magic mirror to fight the restless demons from her past. Tenebrous overlay configurations, shifting flows of motion, and suggestive props open the mind’s eye of supernatural danger into lurking dread amid an on-point acting performance to invoke dark, moody madness from beyond the mercurial realm of the fabled looking glass reflection.

Echoberyl‘s new single, Silent Monster (The Other Side of the Mirror)”, with an “Extended club mix” on the flip, is available via Bandcamp and all main streaming platforms via the band’s own label Mother Solitude Records.

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