WL//WH Video of the Day: ECHOBERYL “Listen to Oblivion”

Video Of The Day  ECHOBERYL

Paris-based FrenchItalian darkwave/coldwave duo Echoberyl, made of Cecilia Dassonneville (vocals), Adriano S. Iacoangeli (guitar, programming, music), with the valuable contribution of lyricist “Ari” Arianna Todero (one half of other Locoangeli project Polyverso), are back, out of the lockdown, with a new song/video, untitled “Listen to Oblivion”, for our aural and visual pleasure.  

Restless energy and stark lashing drumbeats propel tiressly a treacherous warbling and oscillating bassline, as lost, fragile distorted female vocals long in sad disconnected fear, amid sinister auras of danger and nihilistic desolation, evoking lonely angst and depressed anxiety into an echoing expansion of disjointed frigid airy synth melodies colliding with the persistent bass drone static.

Helpless lyrics convey a state of cold timeless isolation where no sound, human comfort, or emotions exist and the psychological death imposed upon the alienated soul left in bleak solitude.

Cyber font green scrolls along side black and white screens containing emotional turmoil as automated meters, translucent lights, and line graphs mechanically measure the deconstruction of a woman confined in a maddening silence. Cameras observe the removal of  human characteristics such as fear, confusion, and pain as emotionless alien traits transpire into sensual confidence and emotionless beauty lost within  a disintegrating body  falling helplessly into a sepia void with nothing left to do but “Listen to Oblivion.”

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