WL//WH Video of the Day: EASTERHEAD “I am the Summer Night”

Easterhead is the London based experimental post-punk project of Nick Keech (One Unique Signal, The Telescopes, Rohame) and Kaoru Sato (Deathline, Weird Sex, Six Inch Killaz) Despite being part of well known and successfull bands over the UK underground music scene, a mutual desire to push the boundaries of guitar noise brought the pair together.

Following 2016 7-track LP “Lanes” soon followed by the single“Swings”, after 2 ½ years hiatus, the duo have just dropped a new cassette/digital mini-album titled “The Branches「えだ」” . “Unshackled by ego, this is music for the individual. It seeks to resonate and inspire; to meld with reflection/love/desire/hate or fear.”

The gloomily atmospheric and immersive “I Am The Summer Night”  unwinds watery reberb-laden somber guitar melodies, energetic whiplash drumbeats, and deep, prominent, throbbing basslines coalesce into an eerie miasma of desolate mystery and gloom as deep sensual breathy vocals of mourning, despair, and shame enter seamlessly creating a claustrophobic climate of unease and discomfort. Sato’s beautiful, intriguing, forlorn voice briefly emerges quivering with fright and anguish only to be deluged by a flood of harmonious discord.

Cryptic lyrics about watching someone fall, feeling their shame, and turning a blind-eye to a multitude of pain and suffering build an eerie environment of being engulfed in a flame of silence, fear, and sorrow in this mysterious song about vanishing under the “summer night.”

The companion video, directed by Stacy Picard of Massive Capital Video, uses flashing lights, shadows, and merging overlaid imagery creating a dualistic feeling of being crowded yet alone. Vast cityscapes, subways, and sunsets surround a woman as she unhappily stands alone as if waiting…. while images of the band ebb and flow giving insight into how some of their sounds are made…

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