WL//WH Video of the Day : EAST. “Wild Jump”

Video of the Day

French Cold Indie Wave 3-piece from Lyon, EAST., made up of Dee O’ Flash (vocals, guitar), Robert C. Milk (guitar, synth, vocals) & Nick Tod (drums), are going to release their new 5-track EP “Saut Sauvage” due October 29, 2018. The title track seems to further develop the electro suggestion hinted in the 2016’s debut album“Hula Hoop”, blending hard hitting drum machine, mesmerizing synths, powerful bass and gloomy guitar riffs, making for an immersive and intriguing listen.
A trance-inducing friction from, at first swelling then acidic, bouncing bass line, jangled distorted dark guitar, and strong pounding beats over the anxious, whispering vocals increasing into urgent, agitated moans, creating a miasma of sounds summoning feelings of excitement, anticipation, and anxiety. At the climax the instruments ignite a cacophonous sound of pandemonium and chaos. The drums get shorter and faster, the guitar squeals and bellows, the synths become sharp as the vocals become almost inaudible mumbles. A sudden change into ominous drums, eerie and warped synths, and dark vibrating and penetrating guitar riffs underscore a sinister growling voice. Ending with a repetitive chant congruent with the drums, as the guitar and synths stop suddenly into a void of nothingness.

Shot with video frames, high resolution, and white balance set to high, the video shows a man getting dressed up for a night on the town to meet somebody special. Something goes terribly wrong and he does not get the happy ending he was searching for.

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