WL//WH Video Of The Day: DVRA LEX “Segovia Apocalíptica”

Video Of The Day DVRA LEX

DVRA LEX, the impromptu Madrid-based Post-Industrial /EBM /Dark Electronics project formed for spontaneous combustion in a Vulcan’s forge on a night of September MMXIX, comprised of Tono Tonovox (sound and mix) and Tom Esmiz (lyrics and voice), have dropped a compelling music video for the doomsday debut single “Segovia Apocalíptica” via Spanish netlabel Contubernio Records.

Rumbling, grinding electronic undertow stirs ominous bass line oscillations into a menacing crawl of treachery with frenetic mechanical beats, sputtering and chugging hypnotically into the convulsive abrasive industrial rhythms, winding sinister snarling male vocals release of an angry chant into the rising tension of minimal flickering synth fueled doom.

Fatalist lyrics depict the hopelessness and ruin of Segovia using terrifying geographic descriptions and dire convictions of an apocalypse.

Sensational visuals of historic black and white found footage depict an apocalyptic scenario in the small Spanish town of Segovia with disturbing graphic images. Methodical deforestation, at the hands of a greedy, hypocritical theocracy, topples old trees to the ground, sending grazing animals running for their lives, as the camera zooms across sprawling fields to a white castle on a hilltop. Time-lapse photography distorts religious iconography, a traditional dance sequence, and menacing silhouettes of authority into glitchy, robotic movements devoid of humanity, eliciting fear and shame from the gross neglect of ceremonial duties.