WL//WH Video Of The Day: DVANOV “шушан (pronounced ‘shushan’)”

Video Of The Day Dvanov

St. Petersburg-based ever-evolving Psychedelic Rock/Hip Hop/Krautrock 4-piece band Dvanov return with a gripping video by Yevgeny Bronnikov for the heady Alternative/ Glitch Hop track “шушан (pronounced ‘shushan’).”

Atmospheric lyrics depict a South Russian thug narrative where power-hungry business deals, corrupt politics, and crime-soaked greed lies the groundwork for murderous intentions.

The song deploys Hip Hop/Glitch Hop suggestions to drive sentient droning bass line vibrations, sharp off-tempo stumbling snare beats along with knocking rolling percussions, below high fluttering mesmeric sirensque loops and off-kilter icy bright effects, to immerse gasping breaths and dual rapping Russian vocals in chaotic mental frequencies.

Dramatic visuals shot on location in the village of Lisy Nos near St. Petersburg casts local musicians “Fiva “, “Ladya “and “Skopetz” as a gang of misfits, whose hard-partying, gangster lifestyle leads to a string of black comedic shenanigans. The story is based on a dream by guitarist, Ivan Beletsky and directed by vocalist Yevgeny Bronnikov, from which a keen sense of editing, props, and dimension creates a highly demented vision.

An unexpected encounter in an ordinary South Russian neighborhood sets the stage for trouble in a criminal coming-of-age tale. The confidence game is on as two ladies fool a young lad into helping them whilst an out-of-control household fueled by alcohol and schemes instigates startling revelations.

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