WL//WH Video Of The Day: DUCTAPE “Wooden Girl”

Video Of The Day Ductape

Turkish Post Punk / Darkwave duo based in Istanbul, DUCTAPE,  release a chilling music video, produced and directed by Tunahan E. Bilgin, for the title track off their upcoming sophomore album “Wooden Girl.”

A gripping and extreme frequency of instrumentation blends with fierce female vocals and dramatic imagery to speak out against Domestic Violence.

A treacherous current of ominous throbbing bassline menace and steamy growling beats flows relentlessly under ghostly atmospheric female vocals, strong breathless cries amidst an emotional and cutting intensity of bleeding guitar strings shimmering reverb strewn anticipation.

Disturbing lyrics are taken from the female point of view during the heat of a struggle, yielding both strength and surrender in a gut-wrenching dialogue of pain.

Black and white video paints a frightening picture of domestic violence around a little girl running through the woods, using a bright red hair ribbon with suggestive violence cast in the same scarlet colour.  Horrific imagery of a man and woman with tense, angry body language set against a nightmarish backdrop of blood flowing down a mirror, dripping from a knife, and being wiped methodically onto a white nightdress, while the desperate facial expressions of their daughter flash foreshadowing from the dark forest. A tragic ending reveals an underground cavern where the victim lies dead alongside countless other chalk outlines of bodies, to draw attention to the worldwide ‘pandemic’ femicide.

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photo by @zeynependerer