WL//WH Video Of The Day: DUCTAPE “Sevmiyor”

Video Of The Day Ductape

In the wake of the last January’s compelling debut album, “Labirent,” Turkish Post-Punk/Dark Wave duo based in Istanbul, Ductape, return with an immersive music video for the menacing yet intoxicating brand new single “Sevmiyor”, taken from the band’s upcoming EP “Araf”, due out on November 6, 2021, via Swiss Dark Nights label, while simultaneously announcing their sophomore Ductape LP, scheduled for early 2022.

As they continue to delve into the depths of despair and darkness, ‘Sevmiyor’ depicts lost hopes dancing with disappointments and those left behind.

“Sevmiyor” is laced with confessional lyrics that compose a sentimental reverie where a grasp for hope dives into a fading memory of the last dying breath of love.

Eerie quivering keyboard strains, menacing warbling bassline treachery, ceremonial pounding drum beats, and sinister, obsessive, and bleeding guitar melodies weave mystical archaic dread around haunted pain-filled female vocals releasing deep forlorn energies and desperate falling moans into a wicked twist of fate.

The DIY visuals exude obscure, isolated grief that wanders through ancient ruins, underground tunnels and a vast dark seascape to elicit mystery and doom. Distant sunset horizons cast shadows of doubt over a disjointed, windblown, and time-lapsed choreography to create a hypnotic flow of motion. Ominous, crumbling walls, primal face clay, and symbolic blindfolds bind long lost wisdom and waning passions into a secret pain lost to the forgotten sands of time.

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photo by @watumba