WL//WH Video Of The Day: DRESSED IN BLACK “The Empty Silence”

Video of the Day DRESSED IN BLACK  

Brazil’s Dark Electronic/Synth Wave duo Anny S (lyrics, vocals) and Wagner B.S. (synths, programming, art) AKA Dressed In Black drop a mesmerizing DIY video for the immersive retro-tinged after-hours new single “This Empty Silence.”

Melancholic lyrics travel back through time to explore how “The Empty Silence” begins to erode a once cherished relationship.

Hypnotic bouncy bass tones, warm encapsulating pads, sparkling icy bright synth lines, and heart-racing dancing beats expand into intoxicating realms of shifting emotions around stark shivering female vocals releasing blurry layers of regretful memories amid harsh jolts of nostalgic brooding and striking malaise flowing wistfully through the bittersweet stings of shattered tears.

Crisp and glossy downtown streets blur hypnotic repetitions in sync with electronic instrumentation sequences to draw the viewer into an alternate dimension of dancing moods. Stormy puddles reflect prismatic spinning doorways to illuminate the mind’s eye of imagination with 3D red and blue expansions. Laser lights, geometric shapes, and crystalline shadows form narcotic, underwater domains where psychedelic teardrops rain through a metropolis, to arouse transformation from a subconscious late-night bliss.