WL//WH Video of the Day: DREAM LAKE “Open Up Your Heart”

Video Of The Day Dream Lake

Dream Lake is a Swedish dream pop duo, based in Stockholm, formed by singer Isabella Svärdstam and musician and producer Niklas Lock. The band, blending electronic and organic elements, create a hypnotic and gently enveloping dream pop sound that lulls and brings the listener into a beautifully melancholy-infused dreamlike dimension.

Dream Lake have shared the music video, created by Emma Ingeborg Sundin, shot on a beach outside of Tokyo, for the new tune “Open Up Your Heart”.

Icy cold winding synth swirls bloom over romantic sparkling six-string harmonies, fluttering distortion, deep mesmerizing basslines, skipping heartbeats, and weary breathless vocals shifting into fearful excitement along the moody lyrics lost in love, longing, and hope springs eternal.

Memories and motion ignite over a beach outside of Tokyo through flickering overlay transitions, black and white time-lapse photography, and dramatic backward sequences alit in English and Japanese subtitles flashing across the bottom of the screen, to set the imagination on fire, as a beautiful woman wearing a wedding dress lies face down in the sea.

Director and filmmaker Emma Sundin describes the video as an inner journey wherein 

The ocean resembles life, there is a depth to it. If you move further into the depth, you will discover all of your fears, but also see everything you love – and life turns into a dream. Within the fear of the unknown, there is always a mystery. When one dares to find calmness within the depth, that’s when you start to grow

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