WL//WH Video Of The Day: DOTTIE “Pearl”

Dottie is the solo project of Haley Davidson, based in Austin, TX.

Walking on the thin line between dream-pop and shoegaze, Dottie‘s atmospheric and introspective guitar sound has a unique ability to model anxieties and reverberations with elegance and subtlety, sublimating in hypnotic and atmospheric drifts of echoes and resonances, suffused with rarefied vocal harmonies, which expand, dilate, and sometimes condense, toward infinite hazy webs of emotional ecstasy, blowing like an icy breeze that gently caresses the skin, to instil arcane sensations of soothing calm, rippled by reticent strains of melancholy and restlessness.

“Pearl” unfurls heavenly light airy cosmic drone overlay composed of ethereal ebbs and flows with subtle sparkling hisses and slo-mo skipped backbeat repetitions pierced by distorted soaring female vocals form a sublime tranquil trance-inducing flow of heady rapture.

Esoteric nihilist minimalism:

“nothing is clear

  nothing is real”

Perfect primary black and white video pairing meticulously illustrate an introspection pondering fate’s untold outcome  using mirror imaging overly in a vast spectrum of angles, rotating 360 degrees around a pair of hands in a marvellous millennial rendition of “He loves me, he loves me not.”

Fragile feminine fingers contemplatively pluck four colourless roses, dropping the petals on a horizontal path out of the screen in a mesmerizing 3D misperception. Graceful fluid momentum fuses elbows to form disjointed geometric shapes as shadows contour and accentuate the invisible layers of misguided hope. Intense, striking contrasts between black rigid stems and delicate white flowers, imitated with the needled ink on the pale forearm, harbour false protection from the bright light as it momentarily stuns and disintegrates the twin image into the clear backdrop revealing the true isolation and defenselessness from what tomorrow might bring.

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Written by Catt Gillette and Fabrizio Lusso.