WL//WH Video Of The Day: DOTTIE “Cherry”

Dottie, the Austin, TX-based shoegaze solo project of Haley Davidson, returns to WL//WH with a thought-provoking video for the latest single “Cherry.”

Dottie writes two words, “love you”, to hint at a darkly emotional inner journey that unfurls on clear  dire strains and hissing atmospheric mists on which thick crashing murky swells, lilted by dull thudding percussions, of simmering droning distortions, torn by blinding rippling glares, in a relentless enveloping yet desolate flow, interspersed by a sidereal poignant interlude, unto an ominous rising energy woven in abysmal tones, seemingly reverberating like distant haunted screams.

Accompanied visuals use a strategically manipulated reflection on a compact hand-held mirror to sync with the dark feeling of the soundtrack. Red lips, fingernails, and a tattooed middle finger are the only identifying characteristics to be observed as layers of parallel timelines and transformative lights and shadows strangely shapeshift an intimate introspection.

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