WL//WH Video Of The Day : DORIC “A Distorted Reality”

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We already talked about the current fervent and exciting Greek underground scene, but the synth purist Stathis Leontiadis, mostly known as the one half of Athens’ minimal act the Human Puppets as well as the Exetix and Plexiglas, can be considered a veteran cult figure since the mid 90’s.

Doric is his solo new wave moniker under which he has released, since 2012, a couple of singles, a minialbum and the full length debut “Over Mentality”, with the support of specialistic labels such as Fabrika Records, Domestica and Peripheral Minimal.

“The Suspect”, part of the 3-track digital EP “Hibernation” out now via 5th Floor Entertainment label​, is darkly pulsating and robotic, at the same time nostalgic, intimate and humanly ‘warm’ through its icy, imperfected and organic vintage sounds, built on urgent throbbing driving synth bass lines, bouncing beats and mesmerising leads, Stathis’ passionate vocals emphasized an intense and bleak feel of nostalgia and drama, proving once again his mastery in crafting emotional, captivating and highly danceable dark synthetic melodies, exactly what synth laden new wave should be.

Check out the DIY and very creative visuals perfectly paired with the music.

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