WL//WH Video Of The Day: DOMINGO SOBRIO “Olas”

Video Of The Day  DOMINGO SOBRIO  

Inspired by the atmospheric and moody ‘doomer’ Soviet Post-Punk sound from bands such as Motorama, Human Tetris, and Ploho, Domingo Sobrio, the moniker of Cuenca, Spain based solo music project of musician Gabriel Pérez, returns with an end of Summer video for the heady, melancholic song “Olas” off the forthcoming debut album “Muerto En Verano | Dead In Summer.”

Introspective lyrics reveal an intimate confession where psychic connections from the sea, a lover, and one’s soul merge into an overwhelming influx of cathartic hope.

Bittersweet memories drive urgent hypnotic drum beats, fast knocking hits, along with restless murky bassline pulses through a stunning swaying shimmer of sparkling wistful guitar strings, stirring emotional sensibilities from the depths of hardened despair, to carry nostalgic dual layered vocal longings into incoming icy flows of sheer synth melodies laced with both joy and regret.

A hazy video recollection merges the beauty, doubt, and struggles of the past with a modern lens of aspiration. panoramic ocean views shuffle piercing rays, daring surfers, and impromptu dance moves with creative artistic illustrations and time-lapsed urban flows to bridge lost dreams of yesterday’s tears with future agendas of insight and light.

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