WL//WH Video Of The Day: DOCILE BODIES “Only This”


Tilburg-based, Dutch Post-Punkers Docile Bodies, made up of Sjoerd Aarden (vocals), Tadzio van Bel (bass), Hans Diks (drums), and Merl van der Markt (guitar), ably blend early Killing Joke punchy and tumultuous rhythms, Gang Of Four thick bass line, and The Chameleons piercing guitar riffs in the intense debut single “Only This”, visualized by a DIY music video directed by Sjoerd Aarden and Tadzio van Bel themselves.

Heavy Post-Punk energy winds ominous throbbing bass lines with thick pounding, sinister scattered drum beats and dire, hypnotic glistening six-string layers of abrasive rings and reverb stung melodies over airless, aggravated male vocals struggle to release primal pain into the thunderous lingering despondency of incurable days.

Disillusionment banishes all search for light in complete and utter hopelessness of the modern-day dystopian brutality.

Black and white dimensions draw abstraction from the melancholy daydreams of death and suffering. Angular architecture and gazeless stares set the enigmatic backdrop for a series of universal images rooted in esoteric thought. Grey clouds, a reflecting pond, and shadowy silhouettes capture the innate subconscious need to search exteriorly for random connections.

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