WL//WH Video Of The Day: DIVES “100 Times”

Video Of The Day DIVES

After the release of their long-awaited debut album “Teenage Years Are Over” at the end of last year, Viennese all-girl garage surf-pop 3-piece DIVES, made up of Dora De GoederenTamara Leichtfried, and Viktoria Kirner, are back into the new year, as ‘young adults’, with the brand new single “100 Times” through Vienna‘s DIY label Siluh Records.

L.A. based filmmaker Kevin Pham contributes once again with a shimmering choreographed dance sequence that manages to capture each band members’ individual style, while an electric blue overlay draws faux unity over a flickering backdrop cast in curious faces, ominous shadows, and sworn secrecy.

“100 Times” gives off prickly abrasive, vibrant surf guitar melodies that sting the deep bouncing basslines, peppy knocking beats, and beautiful alternating female vocals, mix and stir with low vibrating hums into a pitch-perfect pop song dripping in lovely lonesome longing.

Not so dreamy lyrics long to hear and see what others are doing during a COVID-19 induced solitary confinement, left wandering in the illustrious eye of the mind’s imagination.

Dramatic spotlights and shapeshifting shadows cast a sinister haze of hidden desire and buried secrets over solemn faces of restrained emotion, as picture in picture effects transition time-lapsed days between funky dance moves adorned in metallic attire and computer-generated warmth and support using smoke and mirrors, to form a true sign of the times video montage.

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