WL//WH Video Of The Day: DISORIENTATIONS “Watching You Go”

Video Of The Day Disorientations

After Don’t” and Allied”, Antwerp, Belgium based noisy post-punks Disorientations, comprised of Luka Van Camp (bass), Tomas Serrien (drums) and Niels Elsermans (vocals, guitar), drop the third and last single, “Watching You Go”, from the upcoming debut album, Memory Lanes”, scheduled to be released on February 4, 2022, 12″ Vinyl/CD & Digital, via [PIAS] Recordings, accompanied by a trippy cyber video directed by Jonas Hollevoet.

The invigorating yet melancholic “Watching You Go” is rife with passion, despair, and intensity to fuel a deep warbling and punchy ominous bassline action, driving through a swirling tunnel of ringing six-string distortions, whilst hard-hitting steady drum beats stir the amplified saturation of pain-filled vocals, rising and falling with feelings of fear, isolation, and obsession, desperately dropping into a bleeding anthemic electrified guitar lead spraying reverb strewn auras of droning hope.

The cyber dystopian visuals take a heady dive into hypnotic computer-generated imagery to open subconscious doorways of interpretation with rousing symbols hovering weightlessly over a cosmic backdrop of shifting awareness. Depth defying feeds of urban dwellings, global metaphors, and biometric telemetry merge in an underwater, aerial domain, where an exploration into the inner workings, struggles, and mysteries of modern man aligns with insight. Monochromatic matrix code rains biological data at 5G speeds igniting a neon tinted lens of psychedelia to distort perception over a new age of post-societal reality.

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