WL//WH Video of the Day: DISORIENTATIONS “Wandering”

Video Of The Day Disorientations

Following last February’s debut 4-track EP Close To Disappearing” through Wool-E imprint, Antwerp, Belgium’s eclectic melodic post-punk power trio “Disorientations”, comprised of former members of Melting Time and Lagüna, release an edgy video for the loud and noisy new single Wandering,” about the moment of frustration, despair, and ‘wandering’ that occurs before the end of a long-term relationship.

Extreme, attention-grabbing garage noise punch ignites distortion-heavy, droning reverb from convoluted, blistering guitar melodies and abrasive riffs with rapid throbbing bassline menace and rambunctious, pounding drumming, building powerful anticipation within the stressed-out male vocals heated release of vintage breakup blues.

Voyeuristic cinephile black and white video, created by Achiel De Vlerk, in the footsteps of the visuals from their debut Close To Disappearing”, observes an apartment where a romantic candlelight dinner turns into a nightly ritual of arguing, through dialogue subtitles, to interpret the night’s dark festivities. Dramatic facial expressions, dim lights and elongated shadows, along with dystopian symbolic props, enhance the surreal quality of the images, while a memorable choreographed dance sequence oozes sexual tension onto the characters before a kiss goodnight turns into an unbeknownst goodbye. Keen camera angles draw fantastic, engaging, perspectives into the shoot, making it impossible to pull your eyes away from the 4 minute and 53 seconds clip.

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