WL//WH Video Of The Day: DISORIENTATIONS “Loner” (Official Video)

Video Of The Day Disorientations

Fresh from supporting DIIV on their Benelux tour, Antwerp, Belgium-based Post-Punk trio, Disorientations, approach the April 19, 2024 release of their sophomore album, “Lost Today”, with an Official Video by Jonas Hollevoet for its opening track and third single, “Loner”, via [PIAS] Recordings

 By experimenting with additional guitar layers and atypical song structures, their new music opens up an exciting path towards an alternative and mature sound that seems to reconcile the sharp bursts of noise rock, the melancholic atmosphere of post-punk and an airy wall of sound reminiscent of the early 90s Shoegaze vibe.”

The premise of the track finds a caring person worried about a familiar “Loner’s” dark energy, to spark abrasive bleeding swathes of obsessive ringing guitar riffs, fueled by urgent pounding drum beats, and menacing droning bass lines, to swell and screech with deep sharp-edged emotional intensity around strained anxious vocals, telling a friend, ‘hope you know you’re not alone.’

Strobing black and white visuals by Jonas Hollevoet sync live show footage of Disorientations on tour with DIIV in March ‘24 with the stirring flow of the soundtrack. Backstage captures, sound checks, and the spectacular show itself, with thousands of fans, give the viewer an intimate look inside the live performance aspect of the band.

Disorientations‘ sophomore album, Lost Today”, is scheduled to be released, in 12″ Vinyl Lp & Digital formats,  on April 19 via [PIAS] Recordings.

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photo by Yves Coussement