WL//WH Video Of The Day: DISORIENTATIONS “Don’t”

Video Of The Day Disorientations

Belgian noisy and cold post-punk band from Antwerp, Disorientations, is comprised of lifelong friends Lukas Van Camp (bass), Tomas Serrien (drums) and Niels Elsermans (vocals, guitar), who have freshly signed to the legendary [PIAS] Recordings, with an introspective music video by Achiel De Vlerk for the brand new single “Don’t”.

“The song deals with the impossibility of not being hurt by the people you love. It confronts the listener with moments of despair, but the guitar wall of sound, the harsh rhythmic power and the haunting vocals give enough energy to embrace those inevitable tragic moments of life.

Wistful and tumultuous, “Don’t” ignites steady punchy drum beats along with ceaselessly ominous throbbing bass lines to fuel seething angsty and haunted moods below high-strung droning, ringing, and bleeding guitar riffs brimming with piercing intensity over the deep desperation of urgent, helpless male vocals, treading anxiously into the emotional breaking tides of excruciating heartache.

Photo by © Kris J. Y. Verdonckn

Dim, sullen imagery overcasts a moody departure set against a modern urban skyline and rolling country fields. A hypnotic outflow of motion carves the mind’s eye of imagination with unformed visions cast in the haunting angularity of Fall’s skewed shadows. Depth defying overlays to shift timelines and perceptions by merging electric subway cars with spinning treetops and negative light photography to extract blurry downtrodden wanderings from the cold grey skies of broken dreams.

Disorientations are going to play a couple of gigs next November:



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Photo by © Kris J. Y. Verdonckn