WL//WH Video Of The Day: DISASTER FATIGUE “Can’t Stand The Light”


“Exploring the edges between dark punk and pop, electronic and acoustic, dance and despair”, Disaster Fatigue is a pandemic-one-person Dark Electronic music project from Berlin, Germany, who brings us the psychological video by Sturla Viðar for the latest single “Can’t Stand the Light.”

An urgent passionate burst of danceable Electro-Dark Wave sparks off with achingly emotional energy fueled by relentless pounding beats, ominous droning bass line menace, distant sinister shivering synth glows, and warped, glaring icy bright strains, to intensify with drastic bouncy and flashy moodiness, around haunted angsty vocals, desperate cries, and tortured howls, falling fearfully into the doom-laden cinematics of a claustrophobic light.

The symbolic visuals by Sturla Viðar capture a disturbed white-clad soul who is stunned and blinded by a vast wild wasteland of newfound vision, to sync seamlessly with the psyche of the soundtrack. Panoramic rugged desert views, blurry trace overlays, strobing effects, and an on-point shapeshifting performance by Disaster Fatigue pull the viewer into the epic struggle of the lyrics, with a chilly, supernatural unease.

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