WL//WH Video Of The Day: DIMENSIÓN NOCTURNA “Ruinas”


In recent years has arisen a passionate and electrifying Colombian industrial, techno, and electronic scene built on DIY labels and artists/DJs, but it is not to be underestimated that also several bands from the “Escena Oscura” have had the opportunity to be appreciated, I am thinking of Noromakina, Píldora Letal, Human 80, Azar Paralelo, and Metadona just to name a few, often welcome guests on this blog, for a genuine, visceral and gloomy Post-punk founded on intense dark rhythms, cutting guitars and a heap of anger and desperation.

Last but not least, Bogotá based New Wave / Post-punk 5-piece band Dimensión Nocturna have dropped their debut 4-track EP “Ansia” along with a heady video for the soul-stirring slab of apocalyptic Post-punk “Ruinas.”

“And it speaks of the feeling of desolation or psychological collapse that a being who is still alive but not sane has, that is, a human ruin.”

A poetic confession invokes tension, pain, and dread using an archetypal thought form of “Ruinas” to describe the fall of humanity at the hands of an ultimate betrayal.

Dull yet urgent and murky textures build slightly off kilter moods by fusing stumbling drum beats, droning, churning bass tones and obsessively piercing emotional guitar melodies, fluttering around haunted monochromatic vocals, backed by powerful choral echoes, anxiously treading amid flashing ceremonial synth strains and sinister dark, ritual vibes.

Eerie black and white imagery manifests the ominous lyrical metaphor by setting shapeshifting figures against a distorted backdrop to create an evocative interplay of lights, shadows, and morphed identities. An old, long-lost structure nestled in the foothills gives insight into the past whilst allowing wisdom for the future as translucent, dancing overlays invoke a supernatural vibe to travel back to the plight and knowledge of the ancestor’s way of life.

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Photo by @allice.rd


  1. Frans 10th September 2022