WL//WH Video Of The Day: DIME LIFTERS “Palm Of My Hand”

Video Of The Day  DIME LIFTERS

The long-time friendship between Toronto denizens Andrew Matthews (founding member of Whimm) and Kyle Knapp (of Deliluh) led to a soul-searching journey to the Mediterranean basin where disillusionment and wonder ignited the Cinematic Experimental Pop act Dime Lifters.

Their self-directed video accompanies the evocative heady new single, “Palm of My Hand”, a hip self-described delinquent narrative off the band’s forthcoming debut album “Love Corrupted” due to be released on September 23rd via Tin Angel Records.

This song was written on a night that Andrew and I spent stranded in the French Alps in the autumn of 2020. We were holed up in a small villa, that a friend graciously lent us to be ‘creative’ for a few days. Unfortunately, up there we encountered what the mountain locals have since coined ‘the storm of 100 years’: a violent squall that ravaged the surrounding villages, wiped out bridges and roads, and generally devastated the region. We had also wrecklessly agreed to play a show in Marseille, with 0 songs prepared and very little time to find passage there, let alone to hash out a passable set. We spent the night bouncing ideas off one another and built this song from a phone recording I had tracked several years previous, on an organ we found in a ditch back in Toronto. Many of the songs on this record were written and recorded fast, with a spirit to not overthink things. ‘Palm’ was one of the first, and set a template for our approach in the songs that followed

Psychological lyrics unveil the inner mindset of a conman who confesses to know every move and thought from others before they do.

A supernatural collusion betwixt crisp tribal percussive patterns and intoxicating exotic flute flutters weave risk and allure around a magnetic spoken word poem, delivered with an aloof and confident swagger tinged in nervous desire, whilst vivid atmospheric distractions, both hypnotic and chaotic, cast metallic distorted guitar clashes, pinpoint tonal outflows, quixotic shakers and ominous swelling bass line menace into a surreal aura of narcissistic doom.

The cinematic video sets the stage for an imaginative, gritty drama using a dazzling snow covered cityscape to explore the nefarious plot of two hipsters whose night on the town leads to danger, petty crime, but ultimately friendship. On-point acting, keen time editing, and a brilliant storyline draw the viewer into the edgy spirit of the grifters by using shadowy shenanigans to sync seamlessly with the suggestive vibes of the soundtrack.