WL//WH Video Of The Day: DIMA MIDBORN “Futur | Будующее”

Video Of The Day  DIMA MIDBORN

Dima Midborn is the surreal Minimal Avant-Rock project, informed with Jazzy and Wave hues, by a Belgrade, Serbia-based, Russia-native musician and producer who drops a music video, written and directed by Artem Ganzha, for the latest single “Futur”, spelt intentionally wrong to point out how mistakes have become a common part of modern-day living.

His live, half improvised, act travels to a wide span of countries where he performs both by himself and with other musicians. You can also catch his productivity podcast on engaging in creative activity, earning money for it, and maintaining mental and physical health. 

Minimal, laid-back, yet subtly vibrant, “Futur” slides into a serpentine, sonorous organic bass-driven groove through a loose space lilt by crisp snaps and hypnotic taps, whilst brassy pinpoint pulsations, drifting warm saxophone melodies and emotive blowing flourishings, reverberate around magnetic baritone vocals breathlessly swaying and swaggering with timeless charm.

The music video “Futur” is dedicated to a cold observation of the fading future, which is always trying to slip away from a keen gaze. In this process, an individual confronted with the other self loses the grip on reality. With such a de-synchronization of time, the person does not control the future, but on the contrary. Such an inversion does not bode well: the future slowly “burns out”

Cinematic visuals written and directed by Artem Ganzha shoot Dima Midborn alone in a room staring at himself on a computer screen, like a mirror, while a gentle breeze blows through an open window. Tension builds as slow-motion photography captures a vase falling to the ground and breaking amid shadowy moonlit introspections. A mystery develops when Midborn looks for something or someone in the hallway before a symbolic finale shifts the lighting to a dim blood-red glow.

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