WL//WH Video of the Day: DIESEIN “7777”

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Diesein is the 80’s tinged brooding, cinematic, mysterious post-goth side project of Laslo Antal, one half, together with chanteuse Lidija Andonov, of Belgrade-born, Berlin-based coldwave / synth-pop duo Sixth June, one of the most beloved act of the contemporary dark synth / minimal synth scene since their debut in 2007.

Diesein has just dropped a new video for the track “7777” off of the freshly released debut album “Songs about Sally”  via Genetic Music sister-label No Emb Blanc.

Tight drum kicks, rumbling bass and uncanny billows of synth lead the way for Antal’s plaintive, poignant, baritone delivery of emotional control. Hypnotic, whipping sequenced drum beats underscore layers of swelling atmospherics and percolating analog arpeggios as commanding vocals are echoed by drifting, withdrawn female voices. relentless thick squelchy bass lines, subtle electric shocks of guitar, and luscious, mysterious and wistful synth melodies backs the chorus of dread, guilt, and shame.

A song about pain, penance, and domination. An atonement of 7 years with no tears allowed has been given for an unknown transgression. What at first appears to be help turns out to be control in this sexy absolution of dark ordinance.

The accompanied haunting short film by photographer Slavica Dolašević & Laslo Antal himself, starring painter Danica Tešić and visual artist Jovana Pivić,  begins as two women with painted faces wearing only robes stand in a field holding an obscure mural. Joined by a man dressed in black they march expressionless to a complete a composition and toss dirt upon it like a burial. More questions than answers arise leaving you wanting more in this cryptic dark tale.

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