WL//WH Video of the Day: DIESEIN “Moving Around”

Video of the Day Diesein

Half of the well-renowned Serbian coldwave / dark synth duo SIXTH JUNE, formed in Belgrade on December 2007 with singer and actress Lidija Andonov, Berlin-based visual artist and musician Laslo Antal, besides the collaboration with Sally Dige Jorgenson as Cult Club, released this past year his solo debut album, under his DIESEIN moniker, entitled “Songs About Sally” via Genetic Music sister-label No Emb Blanc.

New visuals for the track “Moving Around”, filmed by Shira Wolfe & Laslo Antal on location in Berlin and his native Belgrade earlier this year, has just been shared, as usual an elegant and powerful work of art and craft.

Betrayal and mistrust reflected in creaky hissing echoed back beats engulfed in dire, dauntingly sinister synth chords ushering sad, serious, and sensual male vocals haloed by distant beautifully desperate angelic cries united in an impassioned longing desire to ignite a perilous flame of hope as menacing harmonies of synth-laden doom and pulsing muddy bass lines urgently move emotional melodies tempting fate with licentious desperate allures.

The dramatic vocals, featuring backup singer Juliane Liebert, perfectly illustrate the love, obsession, and aching need felt between the two lovers. Also depicted are the petty arguments that despite being made out of anger have loving tender words and thoughts embedded within. Snide and nasty remarks made from a betrayed heart ask, “Where are your eyes? With no feelings, with no lies?” It is not disclosed why she left or how, but it is clear that he misses her dearly and wants her back home. A truly heartfelt love song offering forgiveness and unconditional love.
A dramatic black and white mystery, set against the backdrop of a dark and snowy night in an urban city lit by the endless lines of headlights sprawled in all directions as far as the eye can see. Menacing, melancholic synths drone as a man maddeningly spins around and around urgently searching for his love in an endless array of buildings that lead to one dead end after another. Lights eclipsed by the fast-moving snow cast sinister shadows that distort, elongate, and dissect the scenery into a dark surreal labyrinth flooded by their own haunting words, “I’m gonna get to you, get to you….”.

Rich sensual vocals softened only by the sound of fear heard in the delicate female voice that echoes his own in a harrowing search for love, answers, and redemption.

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Photo by Juliane Liebert