WL//WH Video Of The Day: DIAVOL STRÂIN “Herz Der Niemand | Heart Of Nobody”

Video Of The Day Diavol Strâin  

ValparaísoChile based Riot Wave duo Diavol Strâin, composed and formed in 2015 by Ignacia Strâin (Guitar, Synth, Digital Drums and Choirs) and Lau M (Bass, Voice, Synth and Digital Drums), are approaching the troubled release of their upcoming sophomore 12-track LP, “Elegía del Olvido // Elegía del Horror | Elegy of Oblivion // Elegy of Horror”, due out on  November 28, 2021, through HISS Records & Young & Cold Records, with a haunting video, premiered on Yami Spechie‘s YouTube channel, for the soul-stirring, goth-tinged post-punk new single, “Herz Der Niemand | Heart Of Nobody”.

Herz Der Niemand” deals with confessional lyrics from a grown child’s perspective exposing the deep-seated feelings of pain, anger, and abandonment left by a cold, fearful, and empty father.

Rambunctious rolling drum beats plough raging emotions through rapid, deep pulsing bassline throbs, searing, glistening guitar melodies, and sinister sparse icy-bright synth stabs to merge into murky waves of tumultuous despair around the haunting power of tribal warrior vocals layering heartfelt tragedies into depth defying bestial yelps, harrowed howling laughs, and obsessive anxious tendencies to drone and fade confrontationally into narcoleptic clouds of dissipating screeching distortions.

Dark urban outdoor decay sets the backdrop for an evocative display of contorted baby doll bodies crushed under the foot of a heavy combat boot to release the demented and disturbed in-dwellings of childhood trauma. Frigid treetops wrapped in razor-sharp barbed wire blades frame a numb and grey landscape with danger and violence while train tracks and an ancient alfresco arena cast in skewed and intimate camera angles extract subconscious scars from the tense, ravaged faces of pain. Gothic/Post Punk hair, make-up, and fashion style the mind’s eye of imagination with chilly, macabre breezes of edgy, haunted moods whilst strategic editing skills align the mad, distorted poses with universal symbols of strength to summon a healing catharsis from shadowy webs of timeworn history.

Diavol Strâin‘s second 12-track album, co-produced by Pablo Giadach at Estudio Lautaro, “Elegía del Olvido // Elegía del Horror | Elegy of Oblivion // Elegy of Horror”, is slated for release on November 28, 2021, through HISS Records (Chile) & Young & Cold Records (Germany).

The live launch will take place at Matucana 100 on November 17 (limited capacity) and the full show will be broadcast on the official platform of Matucana 100 on Saturday, November 27. Digital distribution will be handled by HISS Records. Among the band’s next plans is a promotional tour of the USA which will allow them to finalize the KEXP invitation in January 2022.

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