WL//WH Video Of The Day: DIAR STORM & LOST BOY 1984 “Will You”

 Video Of The Day  DIAR STORM & LOST BOY 1984

Essen, Germany-based 80s-inspired Electronic artists, Diar Storm and Lost Boy 1984 started their collaboration in early 2020 with the single “Fate” while continuing their respective careers: the former, as Darkwave /Synthpop Producer, Singer, and Songwriter, the latter as Vinyl DJ, Remixer, and House futuristic sound Producer.

The pair have just dropped the DIY visuals, set in nature, for their incoming new single “Will You”, scheduled for release July 14, 2023, via Lost Boy 1984’s own label  Hold On Love Records.

Whimsical, nostalgic, dreamy desires compel a hypnotic and captivating rhythmic array of punchy skipping snares, crisp claps, tinkling cowbells along with secretive warmly throbbing and wobbling low ends, washed by emerging, euphoric synth swathes to rouse evocative blissful vocals, humming and aching in restless longing, for a spiritual connection of intimacy and care.

Cheery, vibrant, sensual DIY visuals capture an intimate outdoor performance to sync seamlessly with the young love vibes of the soundtrack. Serene, surreal flows of motion, beautiful Springtime blossoms, and dramatic interpretations swept with memorable vintage 80s pop culture suggestions, pull the viewer into a romantic fantasy overflowing with feel-good moods.

Diar Storm & Lost Boy 1984‘s upcoming new single, “Will You”, is slated  for release on July 14, 2023, via  Hold On Love Records

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