WL//WH Video Of The Day: DIAF “Nacht”

Video Of The Day  DIAF

German goth wave artist based in Bavaria, DIAF, releases an Official Music Video for the dark Apocalyptic number “Nacht”, the second single taken from the 9-track debut album “Weida”, a heady and distinctive blend of ritual neo-folk suggestions, visceral wave and brooding post-punk with ‘süddeutsche sprache’ lyrics, whose strictly limited Vinyl edition is due out this Autumn via Young and Cold Records.

Foreboding ritualistic lures melt with fast-paced lashing beats, relentlessly pounding through icy and sinister synth chords and deep throbbing bleak bass vibrations, while ominous sparkling guitar melodies wail with majestic shimmer around intensely dramatic primal male vocals, that shout and howl haughty vexed lunacy into the dark earthen caverns, dripping chaotic spoils.

“Nacht” was written at the beginning of the 2020 quarantine and unravels in helpless lyrics that foretell of a time when “the skies are turning red” and a curse has set its hands upon the Earth in the form of a Spiritual Apocalypse wherein lies illness, fear, and crippling isolation.

Blood red overlays haze a dramatic high-energy performance swept in angry fists aimed toward the sky and outstretched sacrificial arms, as flashing strobe effects and static interference infuse the jittery DIY lens with anger and intensity. Spiritual dwellings and ancient symbols cast shadows of doubt and secrecy onto the haunted treelined backdrop, signalling a shift in momentum toward demonic deforestation and time-lapsed doom.

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