WL//WH Video Of The Day: DEUS FAUST “Against The Sun”

Video Of The Day  Deus Faust  

Deus Faust, the evocative Dark Wave collaboration between Andre Savetier from Košice, Slovakia and Raymond Nelson from Lewiston, Maine, has released a cool immersive video for the soothingly hypnotic unreleased song “Against the Sun”, originally intended as a bonus track for a never released CD edition of the band’s first album “What I Saw”, but somehow remained in the drawer until now.

The lyrics invoke the immortal words of the early 20th-century poetess from Chicago, Illinois, Helen Dudley, whose poems, “Against the Sun”, “Reed-Song”, and “Cootham Lane”, sync perfectly with the dark haunted suggestions of the soundscape.

Being underground is the only way to be a real enemy of the sunLorenzo Brogi

Dramatic tenebrous tides compel sprawling humming bass tones to rise ceremoniously through intoxicating icy bright synth swirls and distant, rolling drum beats, whilst soft welcoming vocals caress the sad, sleeping senses with haloes of hope, swaying slowly into rising seas of ominous twilight moods.

The soul-stirring high-def video, by Tomáš Hudák, captures the intricate sequences, consistencies, and angles of Mother Nature’s beauty to disintegrate time and space betwixt the viewer and the imagery. Breath-taking flows of motion fuse skewed perceptions, blurry textures, and severe contrasts into a natural inner insight, where the lost knowledge from an ancestors’ wisdom transforms an untamed head space into subconscious symbols with endless interpretations.

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