WL//WH Video Of The Day: Des Âmes Libres “Enemy”

Video Of The Day  Des Âmes Libres

Split between Paris and Barcelona, 3-piece band Des Âmes Libres return after two years hiatus, with a new 6-track EP entitled “Nowhere” replete with a more direct and dynamic electronic-tinged dark post-punk sound.

The first single/video taken from it, “Enemy”, unleashes a fast-paced, chaotic concoction of treacherous serpentine bassline, bleeding, erratic coarse guitar melodies, anxiously sinister synth waves, and quick arrhythmic backbeats build an agitated manic tension as nervous, fearfully charged male vocals run out of breath and out of time in a bewitchingly toxic dangerous affair.

Devastated and destroyed lyrics unravel a betrayal of such depth, manipulation, and all-consuming evil, disguised as friendship, that there is nothing left but skin and bone. References to schemes, deals, and theft, not only of material possessions but of moods, minds, and souls give a peculiar devilish vibe to the dark mystery as hopelessness embodies the ravaged victim with the repetitive refrain, “Too bad if I die.”

The magnitude and details set forth in the lyrics give an emotional backstory to the running man as far as the intensity and desperation of the situation, though we never find out who or what the “Enemy” is.

The frantic, action-packed video, directed by Lars Blumers, encapsulates the darkly invigorating energy released from the soundtrack as an anonymous man, stylishly clad in a grey city suit, finds himself standing in the middle of a rural road, without a car in sight, breathing heavily into the cold desolate air.

Claustrophobic lens angles gradually expand emphasizing the juxtaposition between the “run for your life” disorientation and the tranquil serenity of the scenic country backdrop while bringing the terrifying notion of nowhere to hide into play.  Briefly cloaked in the shadows cast by a wooded area, the light quickly pierces through the trees like a spotlight onto the exposed fugitive before opening into a panoramic view of a majestic hillside wherein lies only a beautiful sunset on an endless horizon.

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