WL//WH Video Of The Day: DENUIT “Blind”

Video Of The Day   DENUIT

Montpellier, France Dark Wavers Ivi Topp & Lis Araignée, AKA DENUIT, continue their one video clip per month series with the subliminal visuals for the bewitching track “Blind” taken from their debut 10-track album “Black Sun” via No Need Name.

“Blind” is laced with modern dystopic lyrics that use poetic metaphor to describe the shocking state of world affairs at the hands of a dishonest, oppressive system.

High pitched siren-esque cries weave with treacherous, growling bass lines, steady crispy marching beats, distant echoes, and sinister synth-waves that shiver and squeal into expanding dimensions alongside baritone female vocals, releasing a powerful magnetic force of rising and falling energies steeped in painful disbelief.

Well representing the dystopian state of current society, the surreal DIY black and white video blends layers of depth defying reflections into metaphysical shadows of pain. Hypnotic hands dance behind translucent sheets of smouldering smoke screens while embedded cut scenes project political signage and post-apocalyptic destruction over dark identities branded in universal symbols of fear, death, and deception.

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