WL//WH Video Of The Day: DELTΔ KOMPLEX “Darkside”

Video of the Day  Delta Komplex

Darmstadt, Germany‘s Synth Wave / Dark Wave trio DELTΔ KOMPLEX have shared an interpretive video for the haunting and immersive track “Darkside“, the first single taken from the upcoming debut 8-track album, “Veils”, scheduled for this summer release, also on Vinyl 12″ edition, via Leipzig based label/collective Unterschall Records.

A haunting, surreal atmosphere built by a bewitching concoction of ominous buzzing bassline oscillations, hypnotic lashing beats, shivering twinkling synth chords and wandering wistful guitar melodies, resonate somberly around tragically entrancing female vocals, rising and falling in emotional howls of deception and agony to uncover a vast disenchanted void of aching dark attachments.

The explanatory black and white video cloaks fearful lyrical reflections under a veil of mercurial anonymity to explore Carl Jung’s psychic realm of the shadow-self where hidden motivations, fears, and desires secretly influence an outer façade to become an unknown imposter identity. Enigmatic moods shift expressionless under a gossamer shroud of comfort to distort, transform and sever disassociative thoughts from a cumbersome darkness whilst sweeping camerawork, aquatic overlays, and sunken traumas stir, ripple, and contort depth-defying denials into transcendental expansions. Hypnotic strobe lights awaken uninhibited passions to dance ceremoniously in sync with the mesmeric soundtrack, opening encoded doorways with universal symbols of the subconscious mind.

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