WL//WH Video Of The Day: DELIRIUM “Изоляция / Isolation”

Video Of The Day  DELIRIUM  

Ukrainian Post Punk /Darkwave trio based in Slovyansk, Delirium, drop a thought-provoking DIY video for the dystopic track “Изоляция / Isolation” via the independent label, based in Kyiv, элек///чество.

A glacial and hypnotic track from last year, “Изоляция / Isolation” is driven by organic throbbing bass lines to inject ominous vibrations through disruptive dry palpatory beats, while light siren-esque synths, weave glowing obsessively icy atmospheres around distant haunted male vocals’ disintegrating layers of ghostly essence into the dire droning urgency of modern post-punk gloomy melodicism.

Apocalyptic lyrics warn that time is running out, for our fragmented, isolated memories will be permanent if we do not cast our fear and doubt aside and wake up.

The startling video takes a stark cold walk through the toxic effects of the present state of Lockdown. Three figures dressed in black walk through a wasteland of urban decay where grainy, black and white photography spins dizzying insight over abandon, graffiti-strewn buildings to build a sentient discomfort regarding the harsh reality of current world affairs.

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