WL//WH Video of the Day: DEG HERL “No Moon (EUROPEAN GHOST Remix)”

WL//WH Video of the Day DEG HERL

Deg Herl (sounds like The Girl) is a five-piece new Wave / Post-Punk band based in Bologna, Italy who play an intriguing game of phonetics with their lyrics, and name, to create real imaginal stories that transport the listener into the unexplored land of analogies.

In 2020 Deg Herl dropped a live recorded five-song EP just before the Covid lockdown titled “EP​𝘥​𝘦​𝘮​𝘪​𝘦.” Now, a video by Studio Fluxa for the Synth Wave remix from the Italian Electro/Dark Wave trio for the third track, “No Moon, explores the correlation between the physical and mental realms of perception.

Photo Credits: @bubobubobubob

Magical lyrics shapeshift under a moonless sky, to illuminate the stark duality of romantic bliss and uninhibited desire.

What the original captures with organic stripped-down gritty sounds the European Ghost Remix explores with mesmeric synthetic expansions, fusing depth-defying dimensions of driving bass tones, nervous icy-bright stabs, steady drum beats, sudden lashes, and serpentine swirls around shattered and angsty distorted vocals, casting haunted shadows and disintegrating echoes into a parallel timeline of dark, dizzying dissociative moods.

A truly haunting video, by Studio Fluxa, inflicts dueling realities against the mind’s eye of perception, to induce thought-provoking insight in sync with the nuances of the original track and remix. Timeless moon cycles over a magnificent gothic architecture open hypnotic portals into a virtual maze of optical illusions, disorienting reflections, and ever-trapping configurations, to imprison the psyche within a parallel reality. The ghostly historical mansion really shows the beauty of the past, whilst showering light upon our future technology-driven society.

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Photo Credits: @bubobubobubob